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Every house move matters.

Join and create hype with us on 19 August 2024!


It's our vision to drive positive change for our industry and stress-free moves for our customers.

Taking place the Monday before the busiest day for home movers, this event aims to bring together key players in the home moving industry, including removals, storage, estate agents, and solicitors.


We hope that our awareness day, in time will become a vehicle to drive positive change, improving the final stages of the moving process.


With the collaboration of these industry professionals, National Home Moving Day intends to identify and address common challenges faced by individuals and families during the final steps of their move. By working together, they aim to streamline and enhance the overall home moving experience.


UK house moves in 2023


UK households find moving house stressful

8 times

on average people move homes during their lifetime


We believe that together, we can improve the customer experience of moving home.

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